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Engine Oil and Filter Changes

Replace engine oil (up to 8 Qts. Synthetic Blend engine oil), oil filter, check brakes, rotate tires if needed and test battery. Perform courtesy inspection, detailed color report with pictures sent to your phone!

Synthetic Blend Oil Change
(5W-20 through 10W-40 oil and 4×4’s) – No additional cost or Fee’s !!
FULL Synthetic oil change (0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30) – Most vehicles$64.95
European Synthetic Blend – Most Vehicles$37.95
European FULL Synthetic – Most Vehicles$89.95
Diesels: Up to 16 Qts of Delo 15-40W TURBO DIESEL OIL or FULL Synthetic$99.95 (15w-40 Delo)
$159.95 (5w-40 FULL Synthetic Delo)

Replace engine oil (up to 8 Qts.), engine oil filter, check brakes, rotate tires, replace fuel filter (if equipped), air filter, cabin pollen filter, transmission filter, clean transmission pan and magnet, change transmission fluid, change anti-freeze, battery performance test and perform courtesy inspection. Plus any factory recommended services. A detailed color report with pictures, descriptions and links to informational videos sent to your phone!

ALL VEHICLES !!!Call for your vehicle specific quote

General Services

FLUSHING FUEL INJECTORS will increase fuel mileage and performance by utilizing a powerful flush chemical connected directly to the fuel rail for an intense injector cleaning.$145.00
ENGINE TIMING BELTS we work all makes and models.
Timing belt replacement 4 Cyl (most vehicles)
$249.95 + Parts (Vehicle Models Vary – Call for BEST Quote)
Timing Belt Replacement 6 & 8 Cyl (most vehicles). Starting At:$325.95 + Parts (Vehicle Models Vary – Call for BEST Quote)
Air Conditioning Tune Up
Complete evacuation of system, Vacuum tests and FULL recharge!
Engine Antifreeze Service – Green, Red, Orange, Gold, Pink, BlueCall for Best Quote!
Rear Differential Service, includes cleaning and resealing coverCall for Best Quote!
Used Vehicle/Pre-purchase inspection (200 Point Inspection)$125.00
Perform Transfer case serviceCall for Best Quote!
4WD Front Axle Fluid Service (SA) Call for Best Quote!
New CV axle installedCall for Best Quote!

Brake Services – with only premium brake pads

Most Front or Rear Brake Service (Resurfacing of Rotors included)Due to constantly changing parts costs, call for the best quote!
Most SUV brakes Front or Rear (Resurfacing of Rotors included)Due to constantly changing parts costs, call for the best quote!

Complete Transmission Service

Complete Transmission Service – Remove, clean & reseal pan, new filter & fluidComplete Transmission Services
Honda, Toyota and most importsDrain and fill

Manual Transmission Service

Most Models Fluid Exchanges

Engine Tune-Ups

Replace Engine Spark Plugs with Factory parts or NGK Platinums, check ignition and fuel systems, check all engine sensors performance to be operating to Factory specifications.

ALL VEHICLESCall for best quote!

Inspections & Free Services

Replace Serpentine Drive Belts Call for quotes
Flush Brake Hydraulic system $143.00
Flush Power Steering $99.95 plus Fluids
Used Vehicle or Pre-Purchase inspection$79.95
Install your wiper blades FREE
We work on everything, not listed, call usFREE Quotes


CHECK ENGINE Light “read code, 1996 and up” FREE
CHECK ENGINE Light diagnostics (any year)$149.99
Anti-lock brake or ABS diagnostics$149.99
AIR BAG Light diagnostics$149.99
Climate control diagnostics$149.99
Air conditioning diagnostics$149.99
Speed control diagnostics$149.99
Electrical diagnostics$149.99
Alignment and suspension check/inspection$19.95
Abnormal noise diagnostics$79.95